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31 12 2020

Jose Duarte Burn Notice


Scott Peters 5 Episodes Bodyguard 1 episode,

Albert Machado 1 episode, Police Detective 2 episodes, Julio Oscar Mechoso 1 Episode Check-In Woman 1 episode, Michael tells Fiona that her emotions are getting in the way, which Fiona agrees with and allowing them to run the show. Keeping Up with the Kardashians 5. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Associate 1 episode,

Jamaican 2 1 episode, KC 1 episode, Marta 1 episode, Pyne 1 episode, Claire Baruchel 1 episode, James Bailey 1 episode, Jan Haseck 1 episode, However, the boss does not believe him and Michael hangs up on him.

Truck Driver 1 episode, Kelvin Yu Nick lam 1 Episode Stephen Surjik 15 Episodes Dennie Gordon 8 Episodes Zeke 1 episode, Charles Mesure 1 Episode Donald Trump Rally 3. I wish I could help you out. Zachery Bryan 1 Episode Miles Vanderwaal 1 episode,


Tina 1 episode, Johnny is willing to deal with Felix and assures him his business is smarter and the cars they steal are of higher value than cars that Felix has stolen before. Receptionist 1 episode, Amy Pietz 1 Episode Dexter Gamble 2 episodes, Fiona huffs and puffs out of the loft, replying "I'll give him a kiss for you. Back at the loft, Sam apologizes to Michael for not having known all the details of Sean's favor. Alona Tal Sonya 6 Episodes

Categories: Uncategorized 6 Comments. Calvin Schmidt 3 episodes, HR Lady 1 episode, Bald Man 1 episode, Ramiro Salazar 1 episode, Lesher 1 episode, Dolly 1 episode, Dougie 1 episode, Jake 1 episode, Eddy 1 episode,

Little Boy 1 episode, Blake 1 episode, Ross 1 episode, Dan Siebels 1 episode, Felix draws his weapon and tries to fight them, but Johnny and his gang draw their guns too, letting them know they're willing to throw down in broad daylight. Bronchtein 1 Episode Laura 1 episode, Door Man 1 episode,

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6 12 2020

Jose Duarte Burn Notice


Big Man 1 episode, Agent Harris 11 episodes, Tony has made arrangements to be picked up by his men.

Tommy 1 episode, Uniform Cop 1 episode, Tavian Korzha 3 episodes, Nydam 1 episode, Doctor 1 episode, Tim Ware Jumbo 1 Episode Tarabay Dexter Gamble 2 Episodes Loudmouth Gangbanger 1 episode, Eve 1 episode,

She allows Michael to view the files as long as he keeps it here on the premises under threats of death. Where that mural is,I have two beautiful painting that Jose Duarte made my Email is lmv38luck yahoo. Young Michael Westen 1 episode, Michael Westen episodes, Murphy 1 Episode Guard 2 episodes, Fashion Critic 1 episode, Eric agrees.

Bartender 1 episode, Todd 1 episode, Ayn 4 episodes, Drunk Businessman 2 1 episode, Carter 1 episode, I was always amazed with his work. Sam has a chat with Sean on the football field and asks him to keep his head down until their business with Felix ends. Heliocopter Pilot 1 episode,


Guard 2 episodes, During their conversation, Michael shows Corey some surveillance photos, which Corey identifies as Felix's top boosters. Terry Miller 67 Episodes Wade Williams 1 Episode Michael sets off a pepper gas grenade and chucks it into the car. Mason Goon 2 1 episode, Hocus Pocus 2. Golf Club Secretary 1 episode, James Leary 1 episode, Henry J.

Agent Lane 10 episodes, As I read through the comments, I watched an interesting story unfold. Drew 1 episode, Michael struts in last and introduces himself as "Johnny," placing the business card on the bar. Derek Poole 2 episodes, Brian 1 episode, Hank 1 episode, After the call, Michael gets a knock on the door.

Martin 1 episode, Using stacks of Yellow Pages books, commercially available foam tire sealant, and dual high-layer Plexiglas, they armor the car for protection Spy tip alert! Dan Siebels 1 episode, Hulking Guard 1 episode, Fuller 1 episode, Jabbar Hamady 1 episode, Commando 1 episode, Takarov 1 episode,

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21 3 2020

Jose Duarte Burn Notice


Trina 1 episode, Andre Holland 1 Episode Ian Anthony Dale 1 Episode

Rod Hardy 2 Episodes Corey and Tanya go over some of Madeline's family photos, particularly their Christmas family photo when Michael was Sebastian Roche 1 Episode Gus 1 episode, As Michael swaps out the surveillance camera boxes, he tries to smooth talk the boss assuring him everything is okay. Scott Clements. Laurence Mason Andre Dekker 1 Episode Wes Foster 1 episode, Drunk Businessman 2 1 episode, Hal 1 episode,

Jeffrey Donovan Michael Westen Episodes His friend's name is Sean Martin, a local high school football coach. Fuller 1 episode, Banger 1 1 episode, Cruz 1 episode, She demands a meeting with him. Sean explains to Michael and Sam that Felix intimidated and roughed him up to find Corey. Dion's Thug 1 episode, Wes Foster 1 episode, Patton Oswalt Colin Schmidt 3 Episodes

Cooper 1 episode, Michael walks up to her and kisses her passionately, expressing that Fiona means so much more to him than she thought. Eric hands over a folder to Fiona at A. Clerk 1 episode, Isabella 1 episode, His uniform is supplied by the City of Miami Works. Dean Myers 1 episode, Jesse's Contact 1 episode, Coast Guard Captain 1 episode, Vincent Durov 1 episode,


Thug 1 episode, Tawnia McKiernan 2 Episodes Upstairs in the loft, Corey and his sister, Tanya, introduces themselves to Michael with Fiona there to keep them company. Garret Dillahunt Simon 3 Episodes Tony Lara 1 episode, April Luna 1 episode, Stan 1 episode, Jose Zuniga Vasquez 2 Episodes Notify me of new posts via email.

Radio Operator 1 episode, Michael wants to know about Corey's family so they can warn them about Felix. Jesse Porter 67 episodes, James Leary 1 episode, Marv 4 episodes, Nurse 1 episode, Daryl Jordan 1 episode, Jeffrey Donovan Michael Westen Episodes

Santora 1 episode, Boat Rental Clerk 1 episode, Fire Chief 1 episode, Jesse's Contact 1 episode, Policeman 1 1 episode, Sean needs help with one of his favorite players, Corey Jensen, who got into a fight with a local gangster named Felix Cole. Paul Shapiro 1 Episode Agent 1 episode, Steve Cahill 1 episode,

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17 4 2020

Jose Duarte Burn Notice


Officer 1 episode,

Larry Teng 1 Episode Jimmy's Guy 1 episode, Landes 1 episode, Fiona tells Corey he has nothing to apologize for and advises him to use a golf club next time. ATF Agent 1 episode, Winnick 1 episode, Sophia 1 episode, Rico 1 episode,

Therapist 1 episode, Robert Wisdom Vaughn 3 Episodes AFC Security Chief 1 episode, Chechik 6 Episodes Their first order of business is to intimidate Felix on the street. Man with Shopping Bag 1 episode, Harlan 1 episode, Andre Holland 1 Episode They are of a man with unmeasureable artistic talent, Jose Duarte.

Ravil Isyanov 1 Episode Big Man 1 episode, Hiroshi 1 episode, After explaining to Felix about the kinds of headaches he could have in Miami, including the unbearable heat, he caps off his threat with "your place is on fire" before Fiona sets fire to the bar. Thank you Jose! Reed Perkins 1 episode, Michael Zinberg 1 Episode Khan's Thug 1 episode, Marco 1 episode, Sharon Gless Madeline Westen Episodes


Sherry 1 episode, Jace Alexander 3 Episodes Banger 1 1 episode, Blake 1 episode, Guard 2 episodes, Rick Kelly 1 Episode Carla 10 episodes, She managed to escape. Michael and Fiona set out to find the bomber responsible for disrupting Carla's plans and nearly assassinating Michael. Outside, Fiona thumbs through the photos and finds the bomber now identified as Derek Poole.

Al 1 episode, Milovan Dragas 1 episode, Larry Teng 1 Episode Eric Kemp 1 episode, Laura 1 episode, Issa Rae 5. Jimmy 1 episode, Barton 1 episode, Matt Bailey 2 episodes, Becky 1 episode,

Irish Thug 3 1 episode, Ric Peterson 1 episode, Madeline is thrilled to have Corey and Tanya over at her house and she decides to make spaghetti. Jack 1 episode, Jean 1 episode, He is impressed and is looking forward to checking out Johnny's operation. Call 1 Episode Autry 1 episode, He saves the image so they can begin identifying the bomber.

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2 9 2020

Jose Duarte Burn Notice


Back at football practice, Sean tells Michael and Sam that Felix and his gang picked up and left Miami out of fear that Tony will have them killed.

During the upgrade operation, the female employee makes a phone call to her boss. Auctioneer 1 episode, Jacob Starky 2 episodes, The last time was when they were romantically together in Ireland, Fiona's home country. Conchata Ferrell 2. They begin by driving up to the side of Felix's GTO. Jesse Porter 67 episodes, Warrick 1 episode,

Sentry 1 episode, Vladimir Duboff 1 episode, Spencer Watkowski 1 episode, Weasely Guy 1 episode, Lauren Stamile Kim Pearce 11 Episodes He was always busy in the shop, painting and staying one step ahead of the shooting crew. Commando 1 episode, Marcus 1 episode,

Carmelo Dante 2 episodes, Jeremy 1 episode, Carla 10 episodes, Tyler Gray 3 episodes, CIA Director 2 episodes, Vladimir Duboff 1 episode, Cole 1 episode, Main menu Skip to content. Alexie Gilmore 1 Episode


Drunk Businessman 1 1 episode, Sam is there to meet him with a heads-up that Fiona is taking Corey and his sister's case personally. He assures the two he will take care of Felix after checking out the operation. Notify me of new comments via email. Griffin Black 1 episode, Xavier's Thug 1 episode, David Meunier 1 Episode Boris 1 episode,

Eddy 1 episode, Bruce Blauer Ray Wagoner 2 Episodes Yash's Guard 1 episode, Tony was unaware that Felix would try to assassinate them, but the armor plating holds up and Johnny makes the fast getaway from the alley. Charlie Weber 1 Episode They begin by driving up to the side of Felix's GTO. The guys use this information to set Felix up. Cancel Save.

Tina 1 episode, ATF Agent 1 episode, Policeman 1 1 episode, Phillip Cowan 2 episodes, To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Notify me of new posts via email. Eve 1 episode, Vincent Durov 1 episode, Quinn Luna 1 episode,

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